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URGENT UPDATE: Governor Kemp Signs Executive Order Permitting Video Closings

As of March 31, 2020, video closings are temporarily permissible in Georgia. This Order allows the notarization and witnessing of closing documents to be handled in a remote online fashion during our current Public Health Emergency. Elite Law will be offering video closings, along with a few other signing options to our clients effective April 8, 2020. Closing Options Option 1: Video Closings

Agents must notify Elite Law 72 hours  before your closing of your intent to utilize the video closing option. As a measure of security, Zoom Business will be used and a recording will be kept of the closing, as advised by our title insurers. A link for the video closing will be sent via email and  a 6-digit identification code will be provided via text. For security purposes,the client must provide this number during the audio-video conference. Additionally, the buyer and seller  must also provide an acceptable photo ID during the audio-video session, and return with the original package a copy of that ID.**Please note that because virtual closings are new to most lenders, we will need to obtain confirmation that this option is acceptable and follow any additional requirements from that lender. 

Moreover the Buyer/Seller must be able to print the closing documents.

  • Buyers/Borrowers – may print up to a 200 pages(depending on your lender).

  • Sellers – expect to print up to 30 pages.

If your client does not have access to a printer please let us know in advance(at least 48 hrs before your scheduled closing) so that we can overnight or courier the printed package for them to sign and return. They may return the documents  to us via FedEx, courier (an envelope will be provided) or personal delivery. We strongly recommend you personally return them if possible.We cannot disburse or fund your loan until we have received the original documents. With this option, funding can take up to 3 business days. 

Option 2: POA Closings

With a POA closing, we refer your purchaser to one of our referral network attorneys. The referral network attorney establishes an attorney-client relationship and acts as their attorney-in-fact. With this option, the purchaser can ask questions and review documents with the attorney. It is much like a traditional closing but with someone signing on the clients behalf.

Option 3: Traditional Closings with COVID-19 Safety procedures  Per the Centers for Disease Control, we are taking the important and necessary precautions and sanitizing our office after each closing. We take this very seriously. We ask that only necessary persons be present at closings and if anyone experiences any flu-like symptoms, please re-consider and let our firm know. 

 Cash Buyers: We will continue to sign cash buyer documents electronically since a witness nor notary is required. Clients can print the closing documents, scan the signed documents to us,  and send back the originals via FeDEX or courier. 

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